High pressure misting system
About 80 to 90 percent of any plant consists of nothing but water. In addition to building material and
transportation, cooling plants by means of evaporation is a key function of this water. Evaporation requires the
so-called stomata.
The speed at which transpiration occurs is determined by heat, carbon dioxide levels, light and water. Inside the leaves of each plant, the atmospheric humidity is a 100%.
The extent to which the stomata open up is to a certain degree determined by the RH differences between the air surrounding the leaves and the RH levels
inside. Having significant differences means that the stomata will open up further, accelerating the level of
transpiration. If the stomata are extremely open and the surrounding cells are no longer able to make up for
water lost due to evaporation, water stress will occur.
High-pressure mist cooling systems (also known as fog systems) improve the air humidity but they also make
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